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Meet Kerin Lubbe, HLTH 1403 - IV Therapy and Insertion instructor

I learned IV Therapy and Insertion in a trauma unit in Johannesburg, South Africa where we were taught advanced IV skills. This piqued my interest to continue learning so when I started work at Lions Gate hospital in Vancouver, I joined the IV Team. I wrote every IV exam, attended conferences, and worked hard at becoming an expert in the field.

As part of my training in Johannesburg, I had to work with the ambulance service. I once had to insert an IV on a patient who was injured on the side of the highway. I had to crawl under the truck to get to him! Recently, I had to attend a newborn baby resuscitation who needed IV access. The code team and everyone was poking at the baby then I remembered that using the umbilical vein was a good option, so this helped the situation. I have learned to stay calm in the most difficult times and to focus on getting IV access quickly and efficiently for all types of patients. 

All my experience is shared in the classroom. I have been teaching at VCC since 2019 and I love empowering others and keeping update to date with current research and literature so I can teach best practices. One thing people might be surprised to know about IV Therapy is that it was only around 1940 that nurses were allowed to insert IV catheters, prior to that it was the task of doctors.

Now, you need to have some high acuity or ICU experience, then become best friends with the IV team where you work. Let them know of your interest and desire to enter this field and a career path could open.

I think to become 'good' at IV insertion, you must be curious, take every course offered on the topic, and know that it will take time and lots of practice.