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Project Management for Video Games: the newest Award of Achievement at VCC – eligible for the Future Skills Grant.

Do you love video games, board games, puzzles or storytelling? If you have been curious about a career in video games, VCC’s Project Management for Video Games could be your way into a rewarding career.

In the Industry Landscape course, students learn about the video game industry ‘ecosystem’ and explore studio business models, game platforms and delivery models. Next is Project Management where you deepen your understanding of video game production using case studies and a variety of tools and approaches. In Communication and Leadership Skills , you’ll practice skillful communication and develop key leadership competencies. Finally, in Workforce Integration synthesize your knowledge and skills and prepare for the job market.

The courses are offered part time in the evenings and can be taken in a single term or over multiple terms.

“The 14-week program is ideal for people interested in the video game industry that have complementary skills from another discipline, or for people already in the industry that would like to move into project management,” says VCC Senior Program Coordinator Andrea Korens. “Working in partnership with industry association DigiBC ensures that the micro-credential is creating the employees the video game industry needs.”

The first course begins September 13 and is open for registration. Find out about the Future Skills Grant.