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Insights into the World of Production for Animation and VFX

Meet Sandi Gisbert (SG) and  Shawn Smolensky (SS) teachers of VCC’s Production for Animation and VFX 

Can you share an interesting thing about your journey? SG: The first animated show I worked on was a mix of 2D and 3D and people kept telling me that it wasn't a "normal" show. I'm pleased to say I've never worked on a "normal" show! All the projects I've worked on have been creatively unique and often required us to develop new, non-traditional pipelines to produce them. SS: My first job in the industry was making sure the tea bags in the kitchen faced the right way and that the dishes were picked up from the artists’ desks. Was it glamourous? Absolutely not. But those tea bags were perfect and the dishwasher ran at the end of every day. Eventually I was given a new opportunity and it continued like that until I am where I am today.

SG: Early in your career try to move laterally to get experience across various departments. It's a great way to figure out what you like and to understand the unique needs of each department. This will be invaluable as you move into more senior roles. SS: The people I see fail are always trying to get their next promotion instead of learning what it means to do the job. Focus on your role, do it well, and good things will happen.

What would people be surprised to know about being in production for animation and VFX? SG: It takes a lot of people with a wide range of skills and abilities to produce a show. So even if you're not an artist, there might be a great role for you!SS: People outside of the industry will never understand what you do, but they’ll always be impressed to see your name in the credits.