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Shape your path with new courses

A message from VCC Continuing Studies dean Adrian Lipsett

What’s your dream career? What opportunity or interest have you been wanting to explore? In times such as this, we tend to avoid this line of inquiry for the sake of keeping our heads above the waves.

And yet, even amid this uniquely challenging period, each of us has the opportunity to pause, reflect on our current trajectory, and consider how we can bring about increasingly positive changes in our lives.

For those inclined to improve their own professional journeys, VCC Continuing Studies is exceptionally poised and ready to serve. Our mandate is to support our community through courses and programs specifically designed to help learners craft new possibilities for their lives. From pursuing new career options to generating additional and exciting revenue streams, our course and program offerings provide the needed boost to equip you for your future success.

One of the unique features of our programming is our focus on flexibility. Programs and courses are offered in the evenings to fit around the working professional’s schedule; offerings for those wishing to enter a new field are often structured in as short a time as possible to hasten the start of your new career; and as a result of ongoing uncertainty with the pandemic, our coursework in general has been adjusted to enable you to study from anywhere, while still ensuring you retain access to essential support services here at VCC.

Our students also enjoy the rich diversity of our offerings. From fashion, counselling, and medical device reprocessing, to early childhood education, business, and technology, VCC Continuing Studies provides you with a broad spectrum of specialized, industry-supported, and interest-driven opportunities for you to study.

As we continue to add to and improve upon our scope of programming, we invite you to explore our catalogue to find what best aligns with your own future goals. Our staff is available to answer any questions you may have and to assist you with registration.

This is a time to explore and benefit from new opportunities, to craft a new path forward. Start shaping your new path today.

New courses and programs – Fall 2021

Intro to Leather Work- Accessories

Japanese 5 

IT Operations Professional Certificate 
IT Operations Professional Short Certificate 

A Mindful Approach to Well-Being
Design a Meaningful Career
Minimize your Fashion Impact
City’s Role in Gender Equity