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Get Ready to Play in the Foundations of Business

Risk card and game board. Image by Rob BertholfThe first course of its kind at VCC, Foundations of Business is a gamified business simulation. According to Wikipedia, gamification is “the strategic attempt to enhance systems, services, organizations, and activities by creating similar experiences to those experienced when playing games in order to motivate and engage users.”  Utilizing elements like points and leader’s boards are common elements used to make education as enjoyable as a game show.

In this 45-hour course, students will get to create an avatar when they take on the role of an entrepreneur who sells both online and in a retail store. They can upgrade their store and operations by completing learning modules and testing. The student subscribes to the guidance of a business coach and will build a successful venture in a virtual neighbourhood.

Each student has a unique playing experience via in-game customizations such as store design and random quiz selection. But every student, through the self-paced gameplay, will learn important concepts in business including Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Health and Safety, Risk Management, and more.


(image courtesy of Rob Bertholf)