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Scholarships, bursaries, and awards support VCC Continuing Studies students

Twice a year, Vancouver Community College (VCC) Continuing Studies students have an opportunity to access funds that can help make tuition payments easier. Scholarships, bursaries, and awards are some of the ways VCC supports students interested in upskilling and creating a path forward in their careers.

What is the difference between these three ways of getting financial help?

A scholarship is given in recognition of academic excellence or achievement.

An award is based on a broad range of criteria such as academic excellence, community involvement, leadership skills, financial need and more. How an award is distributed is determined by the donor and is meant to reflect their values and priorities.

A bursary is distributed based solely on financial need. These methods of support help students in all moments of their academic career, from entrance into a program, to those in the midst of their studies.

VCC Continuing Studies fashiongemmologybuilding manager, and paralegal programs recognize students for their academic achievements; fashion design and fashion merchandising have awards that recognize the special talent required to work in these fields. Continuing Studies students also have access to several general college awards and a bursary system.

Thank you to our Students Union of VCC, Coinamatic, LandlordBC, GDI Integrated Facility Services, the British Columbia Paralegal Association, Chan Kent Foundation, the Levy family, and others that offer amazing support to our students.