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VCC offers new Award of Achievement in Production for Animation and VFX

black and whie image of two people bent over a computer screen. Sit through the credits of a hit movie and you are likely to see the name of a Vancouver-based visual effects (VFX) or computer animation studio. You’ll also notice the list of production supervisors, managers, and coordinators are longer than ever.

The hotter Vancouver’s VFX and animation industry gets, the more production roles will need to be filled, which is why VCC is excited to launch a new Award of Achievement in Production for Animation and VFX this September.

Whether aspiring VFX and animation production workers are hoping to advance within the industry or transfer skills from other areas, many have found that these roles require a unique set of management, communications, and leadership skills.

“Production is the backbone of any VFX or animation project,” says program instructor Shawn Solensky who has led VFX production teams on films like AquamanStar Wars Episode VIII, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

People in production roles helps organize, schedule, and budget projects to ensure a film’s creative ideas are visually realized. “Without production there is no film or TV show!” says Shawn. “You are part of the driving force in the team, and nowhere else can you find the satisfaction of bringing order to chaos in such a creative environment.”

Designed with industry experts, VCC’s new Production for Animation and VFX program is academically rigorous and based on the practical needs of local studios. The curriculum emphasizes interactive and real-world learning and is delivered by instructors and guest speakers with valuable industry experience.

To be accessible for working professionals, the Production for Animation and VFX program has four part-time courses that may be taken as a group or spaced out as a student’s availability allows. To maximize convenience, all courses offer a combination of face-to-face and online sessions.

Production for Animation and VFX course list

Production Landscape: Animation & VFX (PRDN 1101) Register now for Sept. 7, 2022 >

Project Management: Animation & VFX (PRDN 1103) Register now for Oct. 5, 2022 >

Communications & Leadership: Animation & VFX (PRDN 1105) Register now for Nov. 2, 2022 >

Synthesis of Learning: Animation & VFX (PRDN 1107) Register now for Nov. 30, 2022 >

Image courtesy of Atomic Cartoons